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Accounting / Tax Expert / Entrepreneurship Advice and Assistance

How can We help You?

The main

- We register your bills of sale and purchase
- We record your financial extracts
- We file your VAT returns, and your annual intra list
- We file your tax returns
- We establish a draft report
- We file your annual accounts as they are approved
- We assist you during tax audits and / or VAT
- We answer your questions

We ALWAYS keep you informed.
But, we do NOT intervene in your management.
So you remain totally in control of your destiny.

But also ...


- Assist you in creating your business

- Send payment reminders to your customers

- Assist you for a funding application

- Assist you to become an e-retailer

- Assist you to become a 'paper less' entrepreneur

- Help for publications in the Moniteur Belge

- ...

2024 TARIFS (the famous question we dare not ask ...)

We offer two formulas:

1 - Services billed by the hour 92,50 € / hour *

2 - Monthly fee from € 75,00 / month *



Do not hesitate to ask for an offer::


* Our rates are shown without VAT 21%

The little 'extra'


If you need an expert, our network can help you find


- Company Auditor
- Lawyers
- Notaries
- Bailiffs
- Geometers-Experts
- Social Offices
- Enterprise counter
- ...


You stay as always free to use the expert of your choice.

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